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World Finds-One of a Kind- Multi Chain Necklace With Original Grecian Pendant

$122.50 $175.00

Bohemia seemed like a fitting name for this necklace given the unconventional design. Authentic jasper barrel, yellow turquoise and giant carnelian beads accompany the metal cross is a coptic cross from Ethiopia worn as a symbol of faith by Ethiopian Christians. These crosses are imported directly from Ethiopia. The crosses have design elements reflecting a number of historical influences and they are specific to the towns or provinces from which they come. Some of the crosses are made by the lost wax method . The other pendant in this designer pendant made in Greece from terra cotta clay. The gorgeous green-blue strand of beads are chrysocolla. Completing this handcrafted artisan necklace are large carnelian and brass rings at either end, bringing everything together. The shortest strand of this neckpiece is 14 inches and the longest about 20 inches